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Grafu Castle Tutorial  Empty Grafu Castle Tutorial

Post  Aghnar on Tue Jul 26, 2011 10:59 am

Boss 1. Cayus

This boss has two skills:
1. Juggler's Trick - close range AOE, high damage
2. What About That... - long cast. After it we enter colors phase. Every party member gets a colored debuff, and they must click on the corresponding box within the 8sec time limit.
You will get a yellow message on screen that shows the color of your debuff, and you can see it in the debuff interface.
Debuffs are:
Purple Terror - you must click the box on the purple square
Still Dusk - you must click the box on the red square
Indigo Melancholy - you must click the box on the green square

At the end of the cast you'll get either fear or slowed down. Position yourself in the middle and use "/kneel" macro if you get fear.
Grafu Castle Tutorial  VjK2F

- It's almost impossible to click boxes if boss or pets are on them. remove pets at first "What about that..." cast
- use speed title/maid potion if you have

Boss 2. Ardmond + Isaac(dog)

Both bosses should be killed at same time. But since we're OP it's not needed.
1.If Isaac is killed first Aardmond enters rage, and does high hits. The tank must avoid his AOE [Feral Attack] or it's high chance he dies. It's best for tank to use Holy Shiled when Isaac is almost dead.
2.If Ardmond is killed first Iisaac does random charges on party members.

Medium-range AOE
Grafu Castle Tutorial  EV2hw

Boss 3. Boro Boro Brothers (wip - still not clear)

You will see often a yellow text on screen with party members names in it. This person can get one of these things:
1. Be trapped in a stone. we need to DPS it or he will die.
2. Get aggro buff, and do huge amounts of aggro
3. Get a debuff that will do 90% hp dmg on him and everyone close to him.

If you see your name on screen, run away from party.

The 90% HP debuff consists in 2 phases. First, the boss will say your name then it will cast. "Acupuncture Torment". Next time the boss casts "Acupuncture?" this person and everyone around him will get a 90% HP hit.

Boss 4. Conjurer Chapeaunoir
You'll see some rabbits, catch them and this will summon the boss.

This boss will randomly put 1-3 party members in hats depending on how big the party is. If you get teleported and find yourself in a small room search for a rabbit. Kill the rabbit. It will absorb damage at start, you keep shooting until it's dead. After this, tell your party you killed it. If there's more than one person in hats, you can click on his name in raid interface and you'll have his hat selected.
Three people will get big. If you're big, you can click the hats. Wait until the person inside kills the rabbit, then go click the hat to free him. If you click too early, the hat will do huge AOE and the person inside will come back as rabbit/squirrel or flower.
Grafu Castle Tutorial  CDexL

This boss has 3 more skills:
Conjure Energy - high dmg low range AOE
Conjure Skill - frontal AOE
Shuffle Deck - Aggro reset. - stop DD and let tank take back aggro.
Important: As tank, keep the boss away from hats and from ranged DD/healers.

The road to Barkud
After boss 4, everyone gather at the entrance to next room, but don't enter. After we do a countdown, all enter at the same time, and a door will close after us. All dds Kill the bears and don't stay at entrance. Don't wait for aggro, and don't shoot anything except the bears. The other mobs will revive after you kill them.
You will find some boxes and a flame. Click on the boxes, you'll get them in your inventory. Go to the flame and build a stair so you can reach it.
How to arrange the boxes:
Grafu Castle Tutorial  AzfKc

There are some NPCs around the room. Talk to them, they'll turn red. kill them then use the flame. You'll get a key. Repeat this until you get a gold key, which you'll be able to open the next door to proceed forward. After this you can kill the rest of the mobs.


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